Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Business

Seymour Maitland Limited is the owner of Un Office Space (unofficespace.com)

1. Registration – To register your workspace on to the Un Office Space website is
absolutely free and there are no joining or annual membership fees. There is a fee for the Standard Package which will allow a workspace provider to feature their listings. To show your advertised listings you will have to pay for the Premium package.
Your workspace will only receive new enquiries once you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions but clicking on the listings button.

2. New Client Introductions – Our effective introduction is made when we pass the details of a workspace to the client. This introduction is confirmed by way of the Un Office Space email confirmation, At the same time we will qualify the requirement then forwarded on to the Workspace.
3. New Client Rejection – It is assumed that the workspace acknowledges and accepts a new Un Office Space prospect on receipt of our email introduction, unless the email is returned to Un Office Space within forty-eight hours excluding weekends, stating when the inquiry had been received and by which source. This will avoid any misunderstanding. If a rejection email is not received, then the commission will be payable to Un Office Space.
4. New Client Confirmation – It is the responsibility of the workspace provider to provide Un Office Space with the prospect’s details (start date, rental and company name) when a prospect signs an agreement, within 48 hours of receiving signed documentation.
5. Marketing and Copyright – The Operator by choosing Un Office Space to market their offices is granting permission & authorising the use of all marketing materials including images and that all copyright & reproduction permissions are the responsibility of the Operator and not Un Office Space. Un Office Space reserves the right to market all listed properties on partner and affiliate websites that market office space to potential office users. Un Office Space is not responsible for the content or availability of any third party websites.
6. Commission Structure – When an Un Office Space prospect that we have introduced (via email, telephone or through a 3rd party), takes occupation or acquires any of your services at your workspace or business Centre(s) (including but not limited to full time/part time office space, co-working space, virtual offices or meeting rooms) as a result of our introduction, it is the responsibility of the workspace provider to advise Un Office Space in writing by email the start date, monthly inclusive rental and initial term, at which time our introductory fees/commissions become payable. Our introductory fees are 5% of the inclusive license fee for a period of up to 6 months between 1st January to 30th June 2021. From the 1st July 2021, our introductory fees are 10% of the inclusive license fee for a period of up to 12 months. If a tenant signs for an initial period less than 6 months, Un Office Space is entitled to commissions on any renewal
period up to the first 6 months of occupation, irrespective of whether we were involved in the renewal negotiations. Un Office Space reserves the right to accept higher commission than 5% in the event that any business Centres run such promotions.

Un Office Space will make 5% commission until 30th June 2021 on all sales services to workspace providers like venue hire, meeting rooms, filming on location, virtual offices and all client introductions. These introductions will be paid with 48 hours of client paying the workspace provider. After the 1st July 2021, the commission will be 10%.
7. Expansions – Should the license fee increase during the term of the agreement, it is the obligation and responsibility of the workspace provider to advise Un Office Space in writing/email within 48 hours of the change in terms.
8. Payment – Settlement of invoices is to be made in advance, in one single payment for the full 6 months commission unless your payment terms differ. All invoices are to be paid within 14 days. In certain circumstances, we will agree to different billing cycles eg if the client does not initially sign for 6 months. If the client vacates earlier or signs an agreement for less than 6 months (example six months) then our fees will be calculated on a pro rata basis.
9. Change of Ownership – In the event that a workspace provider/ business Centre (or an entire group or part of a group of business Centres) is sold, it is the responsibility of the workspace provider to advise Un Office Space in writing and to ensure the new owners are aware of the future commission payment
obligation to Un Office Space. Should this not happen, then the remaining commission payments will have to be paid by the original owners (sellers).
10. Overturn Rule – Regardless of which broker refers an enquiry first, the enquiry should be overturned to the broker who subsequently books a viewing first. Should that convert to a sale, the broker who arranges a successful tour (i.e. a completed tour, which means the client actually attends the tour) should be credited with the commission. If the workspace provider/ business centre arranges the tour,
and not the broker, then the “first past the post” rule still applies i.e. the broker who referred the enquiry first, is credited for the deal. This will also apply in the event that that an overturned prospect is a no-show i.e. does not attend the tour.
11. Privacy Policy – It is understood that any prospect introduced to you by Un Office Space is strictly for your use. Only the Workspace provider can only use the user/prospect’s information in relation to offering workspace services. It cannot be passed on to a third party, such as another agent/broker or another workspace provider, without the prior approval of Un Office Space. The relationships between all parties must be agreed upon by Un Office Space before the prospect’s details are passed on. If the prospect is referred to a third party, Un Office Space
commission is still the responsibility of the workspace provider that the prospect was originally sent to.

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