How to search for a Covid-19 secure London office space?

How to find a covid-19 secure office isn’t easy. You will need to consider a number of factors when making your decision. There can be an added cost in securing a covid-19 secure workspace. Workspace provider will have increased costs and a reduced income.

  1. The Office Size

    How big is the office and the workspace you will be working from? Many coworking spaces in London offer large desks and spaced out workspaces so that you are more than 2 metres away from other people. The larger the office the better the chance you will have to reduce your exposure to others. Communal areas will have clear one directional covid-19 secure pathways and reduced capacity. Some office spaces will have clear makings on the floor and signage.

  2. Clean

    It is essential that the workspace is cleaned regularly, and has hand sanitisers nearby. Communal areas must be tidy and checked regularly. Most, if not all covid secure workspaces have masks available for their workspace users.

  3. Well ventilated

    Covid-19 infection rate reduces in well ventilated areas so spaces with great ventilations and large windows and doors helps.

  4. Limited Capacity

    For covid -19 spread risk to reduce then less people need to be in the workspace. A reduce capacity for the workspace enables the workspace to be more covid-19 secure.

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