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How lockdown has effected an interior design company?

1) How has Lockdown been challenging?

The lockdown has been challenging but it has created an opportunity to re-evaluate the way we work. Generally we had to work more remotely, avoid contact and conduct only essential meetings. For the planning stage when we prepare floor plans, drawings and 3D designs it’s easy enough because everything is done with the computer and suppliers were in operation so we could get good samples. Clients have been happy to have drawings and plans presentation via video call and screen sharing. The challenging part was to get works completed on site and deadlines were difficult to meet due to lack of materials and disruption in the supply chain. During lockdown we have also started a virtual interior design service https://www.silvanafabbrini.com/edesign  where we can help people to improve their rooms remotely with a minimum budget and a bit of DIY. The results were great and feedback was very positive.

2) How has working from home behavioural changes for businesses effected your business?

The way we live in our homes has changed completely and our homes are now a place to work/schooling, to exercise and relax so we now asked to create environments that welcome the various activities as well as designing home flexible spaces. Considering the way that people have been living in their homes we can see a change of trends. For example the open plan spaces are still in fashion but are less desirable as families are looking for privacy to work, relax or exercise. We are also using more vibrant and uplifting colours to help the mood but most importantly interior design has become more important than ever and as people appreciate their spaces more and want to make a better use of them.  

3) What exciting things do you have in store for the rest of the year?

We are very positive for the rest of the year as we can see a continued increase in our virtual service, we are now back on a full normal schedule with design and build projects and we recently focused on our  bespoke furniture design service: https://www.silvanafabbrini.com/bespoke-furniture We really enjoy creating bespoke solutions as it really helps to maximise spaces. We are also working on a few “new home” renovation due to the stamp duty holiday we have a demand of renovating homes before the new owners move in.  

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